Record your podcast using your preferred recording device

Record yourself with your device of choice, and send us the recorded take, or takes (in case you have a guest/interviewee). Our team will provide the best advice on which recording system is the best in your case – the one that will provide the best results with minimal investment. With so many podcasts out there, we want to make sure your podcast stands out with it’s recording quality!

While we are always happy to provide super useful advice that’s based on our experience (check out our amazing blog section, we look forward to hearing what your needs and requirements are.

We want to listen to you in order to set up and maintain a podcast that will be an enjoyment to listen to and watch!

send your audio/video files or upload them to your designated place

Once you have completed a recording of your podcast episode, make sure to send as an email informing us about the upload location of your file.

You will receive a free unlimited cloud storage designated for your podcast – you can use this place to upload all your raw material for further processing. OR, if you prefer, you can let us know where you want to upload your raw audio/text/video material, and we’ll simply use that.

Next thing, just send as an email to Below is the quick checklist for you to go through before you hit send button and message us:

  • Do your files contain recorded audio?

  • In case of interviews, are all participants properly recorded?

  • Have you included all recorded audio and other files in an email?

  • Have you included all the necessary additional details you want included (publication date, title etc.) ?

sit back and relax

Once you’ve sent the files and notified us, our team gets to produce the audio, design the graphic elements, compile video, going through approximately 25 procedures to make sure your episode is ready to be heard and seen.

The usual delivery time is only 48 hours!